New 49er's Roll
Deep Fried Shrimp, Salmon, Cucumber, Avocado, Lemon
  Chinatown Roll
Salmon Skin, Unagi, White Tuna
  Sex On The Mountain
Shrimp, Unagi, Extra Yamagoboo, Cucumber, Avocado
Little T Hat Roll
Salmon, Tuna, Hamachi, Avocado

Millenium Roll
California Roll, Grilled Salmon, Tobiko

Oregon Roll
California Roll, Salmon
Vegas Roll
Salmon, Cream Cheese, Tobiko, Avocado
  Stop Drop and Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll, Scallop, Tobiko, Green Onion
  Godzilla Roll
Unagi, Hamachi, Crab, Avocado, Tobiko, Cucumber
Cherry Blossom
Salmon, Tuna, Avocado
  Columbus Roll
Deep-Fried Salmon, Unagi, Salmon Roe, Avocado
  Red Dragon Roll
Unagi, Spicy Tuna
49er's Roll
Unagi, Cucumber, Salmon, Avocado
  Sea Breeze Roll
Crab Tail, Tobiko, Seaweed, Green Onion, Cucumber
  Super Philly Roll
Unagi, Salmon, Cream Cheese, Avocado
Red Opus Roll
Tuna, Spicy Salmon, Avocado
  Mary’s Choice Roll
Spider Roll, Tuna, Salmon, White Tuna, Tai, Cucumber, Avocado, Tobiko

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